SNS connected by WISH
Are you bored of everyday life that does not change? fulfiii is a service that was created in Japan to manage what you want to do with the aim of living a life that you do not regret.
It includes elements of WISH Management, SNS, and Curated Media, and you can create a list of things that you want to do. Additionally, you can use WISH which published by other users. Moreover, WISH Offcial can become your WISH. You can discover what you want to do and try the other's challenge on Fulfill.
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How to use
fulfiii supports various features. Here is some basic features in the application.
Create WISH
With the things that you want to do or perform, you can register the things as WISH.
Setting deadlines, reminders, budget and needed time, related websites and images, etc... and starting to make all of the things above become realization.
Connect WISH
When the others are public their WISH list tasks, offical task, you can see the tasks.
You can like, share, comment with the aim of connecting the person who have some thing in your common with you. Therefore, this can improve communication. Additionally, you can restrict person who can see your WISH.
Save the successful way
The way of your success is invaluable value. Moreover, please share WISH such as images, memo, related webistes, action period.
You can gain expericence and help the others to archive your experience.
Tips for enjoying life
You can find the WISH that is suitable for you from the pulished WISH on the application. Moreover, I can create WISH for your favorite such as wearing a dress, making tea, publishing a paper book, etc...
To find WISH, you can search by category such as dream, love, travel, skill improvement, earning, etc., time to achieve, budget etc. In addition, you can not only register your favorite WISH individually, but also invite some necessary people. For example, friends and lovers manage together WISH.
Download fulfiii now and take a new step.
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Support goal achievement
You want to do something, however, you do not know how to achieve them. The busy life can make you forget it. You can not keep your motivation. That why, you need to download and use fulfill application now.
You can see how to perform, the necessary things describe in task, budget on pulished WISH.
Additionally, reminder notifications can be easily configured, and support you as an assistant.
You can maintain your motivation by various social functions such as comment, like, etc.... Besides, you can create WISH in group with the aim of managing schedule together.
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The influential person
fulfiii application is a media, a WISH management tool and also SNS social network. If you publish your WISH, you can be received  like, comment, share, sucessful expericence, and you can become an influencer.
In addition, if you are already using SNS such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., When you share your experience and register each SNS as ask. As well as increasing the value as an influencer, Mutual links can help you to attract new fans and improve income.
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